El Manna Tex-Mex Restaurant

El Manna Tex-Mex Restaurant
615 Interstate 30 Service Rd, Mt Vernon, TX 75457, USA
(903) 588-2175


Richard Crawford

Friday, April 13, 2018

Fast, courteous service and amazing food at a very reasonable price. I had the pork street taco meal. Absolutely loaded up with some of the best tasting shedded pork I've had! The beans and rice sides could stand alone. I'll be back any any time I can!

Teresa Fisher

Monday, April 30, 2018

Food was good. Service was fast. But the ac wasn't on, it was hot. No waitress around to get napkins. No back ground music, the place was too quiet.

Monika Brown

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Absolutely DELICIOUS tex mex food. However, customer service was very lacking. Our waiter was in a hurry all of the time and was halfway across the restaurant while we were still trying to tell him our order. He needs to slow down and listen to people. It was no surprise that he got order wrong. He brought my 23 year old disabled daughter a kids menu portion of quesadillas. He dropped it and left before we could say a thing. I felt bad for my daughter sitting there waiting to eat while we had our food and her order was incorrect. We finally managed to get a word in while he was "rapidly fleeing" our table again and told him "we ordered a full order of cheese quesadillas." A little while later he brought the full adult portion. We were pleased. He did not take the child's quesadillas away and fled the table too fast for us to ask about it. My daughter boxed up most of her food (which I told her to take the children's quesadillas as well, no sense wasting them, figuring they didn't want them back) as she had already filled up on appetizers by the time her corrected order got there. When the bill came, they had charged us for both the child's quesadillas (which obviously we did not order) and also the full adult order. I mentioned it to him and he started accusing her of eating it and saying we had to pay for both. Really? I explained that we never ordered it to begin with and he went to talk to someone at the register and came back. He told us that she (the person at the register) would take care of it. No problem. Then when we went to the register to pay our $53 bill, the lady at the register ALSO accused my disabled daughter of eating them and said we had to pay for both! I told the lady we did not order a child's portion and that it was insulting and embarrassing to my daughter that the waiter kept thinking my 23 year old daughter was a small child. She insisted we pay for both. So I opened the to-go box and took out two tiny pieces of uneaten cheese quesadillas and offered them to her to keep. She acted "put out" and FINALLY said "nevermind" and removed the child's order from our receipt. No apologies from anyone...at all. It's sad that the food was so good but the customer service was SO VERY embarrassingly poor. By the way, if they are reading this...there are wasps building a nest right above your front (side) door.

Kevin Yandell

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Service poor seater rude. Ordered boul of casa over $4.00 never brought chips so it was still setting on table when we left. Complained to lady at cah register she just started making excuses no refill on iced tea. Never saw server again $26 + but no tip no I won't go back no I won't recommend

Larry Drum

Friday, March 30, 2018

Great food and great staff! The portions are large, the food is very tasty and fresh. They have good "strong" margaritas!