Moctezuma Restaurant

Moctezuma Restaurant
510 Greenwood St, Junction City, OR 97448-1624, USA
(541) 998-3599


Jed LaFleur

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Super good tasty food for way cheaper than most taco places. Everything is great but the tacos are especially on point. Extra points if you can make the dude smile cause he acts like a emotionless statue. Probably the only good food in junction city.

Elden Fenison

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Used to love this place. The wet super burrito was awesome. But based on the last 2-3 times I was there, they clearly changed their recipe trying to cut corners. The main ingredient in the burrito is now lettuce. Seriously? If I wanted a salad, I would have ordered a salad.

Brent Summers

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

good food. simple menu. (almost too simple. only 3 choices of meat)

Josh Johnson

Friday, June 8, 2018

I got food poisoning wendsday the 6th of June 2018 any buddy else my brother had nachos with beef I had small tacos with beef we both was so sick yesterday felt like we was dieing

Leonard Denure

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Open till 8 weekdays. Burritos or taco plate with beans and rice. Juarritos natural sodas. You can drop in from work and get your self traditional hospitality in a comfortable environmentšŸš™