Truman's Grill

Truman's Grill
23929 US-65, Warsaw, MO 65355, USA
(660) 223-9169


dirk dierker

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Awesome place to go and highly recommend the cowboy burger. Great and friendly staff. CantC wait to visit again.


Monday, June 18, 2018

I took my mother out for father's day this year since my father passed away June of last year, and we chose Truman's Grill to eat since it has good reviews. We showed up around 4:40-5pm and the place was completely dead, but mom wanted to stay and eat since we were already there. We ordered chips and dip, which was supposed to come with a choice of their mango or traditional salsa, and some queso dip. The chips were stale, the queso dip was room temperature and not even a tiny bit warm, and they didn't ask us what kind of salsa we wanted instead they just gave us the mango. Not at all what we wanted. Mom ordered a half house salad and I had a philly cheesesteak with onion rings. The house salad literally had two cherry tomatoes cut in half, a tiny bit of cheese, and less than a hand full of greens. She said it was fine, she wouldn't eat more than that anyway. Ten minutes later my cheeseteak comes out. Now I love philly cheesesteaks so I was looking forward to it. It's supposed to come on a soft hoagie roll, and I'll admit it was indeed soft. It was downright doughy and had zero color, it wasn't toasted or anything, just slapped on my plate, split down the middle, and everything else shoved into it. The filling of it was the same temp as the queso dip from before, it wasn't even a little tiny bit hot. The only bright side to my experience here was the onion rings. It was genuinely the only hot thing I was served, and they were actually pretty good. Ultimately, I would not recommend this place. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and I certainly won't be coming back to this establishment. We weren't asked how things were going, whether we wanted refills on our drinks, how the food was, if we wanted dessert or anything else. I know it was dead in there, but jeez all of the servers were standing around the bar talking to each other instead of doing anything. How it has such high reviews after that experience just boggles my mind.

Wyatt McGowan

Saturday, June 2, 2018

It was a little pricy and the food was good but the desert was one word delicious.

Carly Milam

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Have you Alfredo Thursday night and last night I had was really good it was better than olive garden.

Fred Cathey

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Food was very good. There was no one else in the place yet it took them 45 minutes to deliver it to the table. Two separate servers asked if we needed anything else and the food had yet to be served. Doubt we’ll be going again.